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Why Getting The Right Wireless Terminal Makes A Difference

Businesses often assume that every wireless terminal for processing credit cards operates in essentially the same way. The terminal takes the customer’s data, transmits it, receives authorization and makes a charge. However, the process can be a bit more involved than that, and the right wireless terminal can make a big difference in a business’s ability to handle customers. Companies need to be careful when choosing a wireless terminal.

Ease of use is particularly important, as companies need to have a fast, simple method of processing in order to handle more customers. Wireless terminals should be easy to use and should transmit data quickly for fast authorizations, as any type of delay will result in waiting customers and lost profits. Many terminals list their response times, and response time is a good number to use when judging the overall speed of a particular unit. Wireless terminals should also be backed by a solid customer support center, as this ensures that any problems with the terminal can be addressed and fixed as quickly as possible. Again, this can easily mean more profit for a business, not to mention much less frustration for the employees that have to use the wireless terminal on a daily basis.

The right wireless terminal will also have features to allow for clean business operation during scheduled downtime. Most credit card processing equipment will occasionally have downtime when a connection to a switch isn’t available, and while downtime itself is unavoidable, the right wireless terminals will be able to adapt to these periods by temporarily keeping customer data for later processing. The merchant retains all control over these types of features, so there’s little risk when they’re implemented correctly, and they can prevent a lot of hassle. Customers won’t have to rescan cards while waiting for a response. Approval for a purchase is given as quickly as possible, allowing the merchant to offer a better customer service experience when a network hiccup takes out communication for a few seconds. In the long run, this type of feature helps to avoid frustration, and newer wireless terminals implement these types of temporary saves as an effective means of saving time for merchants.

More and more businesses and consumers use credit cards to manage their finances, and when a company is able to take credit cards easily through a wireless terminal, that company will gain an advantage over its competitors. Wireless terminals can be very different from one another in terms of features, support and processing time, but by recognizing these differences, businesses can ensure that they’re using the right tools for their business’s credit card processing needs.


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