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Why Many Consultants Prefer Getting Paid on Their Mobile Device

The ability to receive payments on a mobile device has truly revolutionized the business world. Now, any merchant with a desire to open a merchant account can begin to accept payments from customers. Any person can become a business owner, and the process if very simple. Receiving payments through a mobile device is simple and is not time-consuming. There are also many other reasons consultants prefer to use mobile devices to receive payments from customers, and here are some of them.

1. Receive Faster Payments

When a consultant uses his or her mobile device to accept a payment, that payment is immediately credited to a merchant account. A customer will use his or her credit card to complete the payment process with the consultant. The consultant can easily swipe the credit card through a mobile phone device, and payment has already been received from the customer.

2. Build Better Customer Relationships

Consultants can actually form better relationships with their customers when they decide to use mobile phone devices to accept payments. There is a less commercialized atmosphere when a consultant is able to accept a credit card payment from a customer in the midst of a conversation and at any time. There is also less pressure to make a sale happen immediately as a customer is in a check-out line.

3. Affordable Point of Sale Equipment

For the entrepreneur who is looking to immediately make his or her way out into the business world, mobile devices are a godsend. There is very minimal capital required to purchase the point of sale equipment that is used to process payments through a mobile phone device. A consultant does not have to spend months applying for loans to be able to receive payments on his or her mobile phone device. Instead, the typical cost of point of sale equipment for mobile phones is about $10 to $20.

4. Customers Are Comfortable with the Process

Customers are also comfortable with this form of payment. Consultants who care about their customers needs will want to consider accepting payment through a mobile device. For busy customers who do not want to wait in long lines at the mall, the ability to pay through a mobile phone is amazing. Research studies indicate that by 2017, over $1.7 trillion will be handled through transactions processed via a mobile phone device.

These are some of the top reasons for why consultants prefer to be paid on a mobile device as opposed to other traditional forms.


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