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How to Ship Orders to International Customers

Credit card processing goes a little bit beyond what the buyer uses to pay for their items. After the shopping is done, the buyer must receive their merchandise, and, in many cases, the buyer has an international address. Ensuring that the merchant account in use can handle an international address is very important to continually growing business in a global market.

When setting up the merchant accounts for a website, it is best for any business owner to consult with the processor to see how their service handles shipping. There are cases when shipping is simply an afterthought and it is not priced properly. Wise business managers want to make sure that their electronic shopping account gives specific prices for shipping from specific international shipping companies.

People who are buying online want to know exactly what they are paying. Since they have already enjoyed the ease of online credit card processing, learning exactly what they’ll pay for shipping becomes even more important. It is best to start an account, through the business, with a shipping company who does international shipping and then use their pricing system to offer shipping quotes to customers. In this way, the shipping is organized, properly-priced, and allows the buyer to know how their packages will get to them.

Considering the complete setup of merchant accounts is the only way to ensure that customers who purchase online know what they are getting and how it is going to get to them. International shipping can be especially tricky because an office runner can’t just drop these packages in the mail. Use a shipping company’s protocols in the credit card processing system for an online store and give customers the chance to see how their packages will be sent to them.

Offering customers options, and opening the business to the worldwide market through merchant accounts that offer online credit card processing, and working with a shipping company is the fastest way to grow in today’s global economy.


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