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Using a Tablet to Accept Credit Cards

These days, many business owners have a tablet computer on hand. Not only are these relatively electronic gadgets, but they are ideal for conducting business on the go, checking e-mails, and staying up-to-date on industry news regardless of where they may be. However, what more and more business owners are beginning to realize these days is that tablets can also take on the added function of being used to accept credit card payments. There are many different ways in which this can happen, but all can ultimately result in a larger customer base for one’s business and larger profits as well.

Credit Card Processing

For business owners who have a company website with eCommerce capabilities, it is possible to implement a credit card processing or merchant account as a way of accepting credit card payments from computers, smartphones, and tablets alike. This is done through a secure network and typically just charges the business owner a small transaction fee for each payment that is collected. A number of different credit cards can be accepted through a merchant account and the payment is secure through all methods of payment, whether it be through a wired Internet connection or through a wireless connection on a tablet.

Attachable Credit Card Readers

These days, an increasing number of business owners are investing in portable credit card readers as a way of accepting physical payments while on the go. This is ideal for business owners who like to travel and sell their goods or services. Essentially, all this requires is a small device that plugs into the USB port of the tablet itself. This small device has a small slot through which a credit card can be passed through, much like any other credit card reader one would find in stores.

When a card is swiped, the payment processes through the linked merchant account. The customer can sign for the payment on the tablet itself, and the purchase is complete. The business owner is charged a small transaction fee and receives the remainder of the payment as business profit. Many credit card processing companies these days offer the credit card readers for tablets at no cost and simply charge per transaction, though this can vary. Still, it is something worth looking into for business owners who would like to reach new customers and increase profits while keeping up with technology in the process.


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