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Why You Should Check in with your CPA a Few Times Per Year

A CPA is a wonderful ally for business owners to have. This person will go over your books, help you do your taxes and make sure that you are keeping as much of your money as possible each year. If you own a company, it is important to check in with your CPA a few times a year.

Verify That Your Books Are Accurate

It is important to know that your books are accurate throughout the year. If you have merchant accounts or credit card processing capabilities, you could be getting thousands of transactions a year from a variety of sources. With so many receipts coming in per year, it is a good idea make sure that everything balances.

Your CPA Will Provide Valuable Business Insight

A good CPA will analyze your sales figures to help you bring in even more money for your company. For example, if a large number of your customers want to pay with a credit card instead of PayPal, it would be wise to find a credit card processing company that will allow your business to accept credit cards. With merchant accounts, your business can make sales on the street, throughout your store without forcing customers to stand in line or anywhere else you have a tablet or smartphone with credit card swiping capabilities.

Business Owners Have A Lot On Their Plate

Although business owners are busy people, all the blame falls on them if anything goes wrong. Instead of risking a corporate financial controversy, it is easier to check with your CPA to ensure that your executives are not doing anything shady behind your back.

It takes a lot to run a successful company. You have to have the right people in place and the ability to communicate with those people on a regular basis. Business owners who rely on a CPA to handle the books should be in contact with that person on a regular basis. Otherwise, your company could be facing a financial dilemma and you wouldn’t even know it.


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