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Accepting Payments at Multiple Retail Locations

If a business has multiple locations, it is important to find credit card payment processing that pays quickly and easily. Merchant accounts may be set up to facilitate the acceptance of credit cards, ensuring that the money goes into the merchant’s account.

Types of Businesses With Multiple Locations
Art and crafts shows are just one example of a business with multiple locations. If the artist or crafts person does art festivals in different cities during the year, it is imperative that the money easily goes into their bank account. Using mobile solutions that range from wireless devices that accept a credit card swipe to smartphones to terminals with a thermal printer, the merchant is able talk to the customer while running the credit card. This enhances the business, makes it more personable as well as ensuring that the crafts person receives their money quickly. Larger amounts of money can be accepted, and the merchant can hand over the art with the assurance that they will be paid. One can be virtually anywhere to sell their work, and carrying around a cumbersome terminal is no longer necessary. They sign on the smartphone and receipts can be sent to the customer via email. Additionally, those merchants who sell at shows and online might want internet processing as well.Another business that benefits from multiple retail locations is a food truck. Moving from one location to another, accepting credit cards is a necessity in expanding the business. Since the food is dispensed immediately, payment back to the food truck should be quick and convenient. Smartphone processing is also an option here, with limited space and multiple people in the kitchen.

Smartphone Mobile Processing

With a device to enable the swiping of the credit card as well as a photograph of the card, the payment goes through immediately. Android phones, iPhones and tablets can all be used in this type of account, utilizing an App. Cards are swiped, the customer signs, and payments are processed immediately; the money is put into the bank the next day.Those who have multiple retail locations will want to consider these merchant accounts for quick and efficient payment processing as well as the security of not having to handle cash at an outside location.

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