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Why 24/7 Support is Important When it Comes to Your Merchant Account Provider

Businesses that accept credit cards as payment need the services of reliable merchant accounts providers. Whenever problems arise, businesses need to know their provider is ready, willing and able to help solve whatever dilemma arises. Many times, retailers and other establishments have been forced to tell customers they could not accept their credit cards as payment because their system was down. Not only does this reflect poorly on the business, but it is also terribly inconvenient for customers. In today’s shopping world, fewer and fewer people pay with cash, instead opting for the convenience of plastic. Knowing this, it’s vital to choose a merchant accounts provider who can guarantee service 24/7.

Credit card processing occurs at all hours day and night, as more businesses opt to stay open later hours or overnight. Therefore, choosing a provider who is always available for support can mean the difference between little if any delays in processing or major headaches for days trying to stem the tide of processing requests. The best credit card processing providers offer support through such means as phone, e-mail and live chat sessions. While all providers offer service during standard business hours, not all offer the convenience of 24/7 support. Some only offer support during the business day, while some only go until the late evening. Some processors only offer support five days per week, leaving their clients hoping for the best on weekends. When choosing a provider, make sure they are available 24/7 no matter what is going on. After all, no business wants to see their system go down on a Black Friday or other important shopping day, leaving them helpless and losing money by the minute.

It’s always best to get live support all the time, but more providers are going to automated help lines to solve the majority of problems. Most problems get solved this way, with only the most difficult issues going through to a live person for assistance. Businesses who take their time when choosing a merchant accounts provider will usually find themselves with the most help when disaster strikes.


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