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Why Holograms are Used on Credit and Debit Cards

For individuals who own a business, it is easy to see why payment processing can be made easier using merchant accounts. These types of accounts enable you to take credit card payments either in your physical store or on the Internet. Because of these reasons, it is simple to see why so many company owners are starting to go with this form of payment. When taking credit cards and debit cards as payment for your services or goods, you might notice a hologram on the one side of the card. While this hologram is quite beautiful in the way that it looks, it also serves a distinct purpose for card holders.

The hologram on credit and debit cards enables you to do payment processing in a more secure manner. When someone is paying you by card, it is important for you to check and see if this hologram is present. This represents a valid card and is a sign that the card is legal. If the card does not have a hologram, there may be something wrong with it or the card may be a forged by the person using it. This is why it is so important for you to always check for this hologram when you are taking payments in a physical location.

If you do not have a physical store or location and you do all of your business online, it is quite impossible for you to see if a card being used has a hologram or not. In most cases, the customer will just need to put the number of the card into the shopping cart as well as its expiration date. Thankfully, using merchant accounts can reduce the risk of someone using a bad card on the Internet to buy themselves goods. The merchant account will scan the card immediately to ensure that it is valid and that the funds are available in that particular account.

If you own a physical store or business location, it is essential for you to view the hologram on a card before putting it through your machine. If you do not own a physical store, it is important for you to work with a merchant account so that they can do all of the verifying for you. This ensures that anyone who is buying something from your online store is using a valid card that has the funds available on it.

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