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Why You Should Use A/B Testing in Your Online Marketing

Many Internet-based businesses ask why they should use A/B testing in online marketing. The answer is a simple one: A/B testing is an easy way to test which of two versions of a website’s landing page yields the greatest number of conversions. Conversions, in this case, drive sales.

Today’s website is the business’s store front. Rather than leasing expensive mall space or buying a brick and mortar place of business, the merchant must grab buyer attention and achieve a high click through rate. Existing or potential customers must be interested in what the seller has to offer. Then, the site’s check out system helps the buyer complete his or her transaction. Because the seller usually wants to convert buyers’ digital sales to cash, the important of credit card processing comes in.

Managing credit card processing costs

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the average credit card transaction (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) costs the average seller five percent. Fortunately, some comparison shopping of merchant accounts and costs offers some good information about how to save money on card processing services. It is possible to save 25 to 50 percent on card transaction costs.

Depending on the seller’s needs, the merchant account platform can allow the business to establish a digital payments platform in addition to traditional credit card payments. Cheryl Rickman (“The Digital Business Start-Up Workbook,” 2012) says that the merchant can accept customer payments via mobile phone, mobile network, or mobile apps. Rickman says that mobile payments (on the mobile web) can significantly expand sales from today’s on the go consumer.

Merchant accounts

A competitively-priced merchant account can help business owners to save money on card processing costs and help the business to establish or gain greater creditworthiness. As the merchant makes regular, timely payments, the payment card industry provider reports the good news to the major business credit reporting agencies.

Why A/B testing?

A/B testing paves the way to greater sales. Ultimately, how much money the website owner earns relies upon how many supporters he or she has. Website design, functionality, and speed are important to the user’s experience. But growing the website’s net revenues also includes saving money on commodity costs, including credit card processing fees.

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