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All About Equinox Credit Card Machines

Equinox is one of the leading providers of credit card machines and terminals. While the company still makes a variety of machines with individual buttons, it also recently introduced new touchscreen devices that make taking credit cards even easier. These machines let shop owners and cashiers accept payments in the form of credit cards and debit cards, and the machines also keep the information of customers private and confidential. Those interested in replacing the current machines in their businesses and those looking at adding the machines should learn more about the products that Equinox provides.

Traditional Machines

Traditional credit card machines feature a simple design that fits in the palm of the hand. One side of the device features a thin slot that cashiers and customers can use to swipe cards. The machine also features a large screen at the top of the device. This screen shows that the card swiped and any other information needed. Traditional machines also have a number of buttons that let customers enter their pin code, select cancel if they want to end a transaction and enter the proper data. Equinox manufactures a number of traditional machines with wider buttons and a larger screen.

Touchscreen Machines

Equinox was one of the first companies that released touchscreen credit card machines. Similar to the traditional terminals, these machines have a large touchscreen instead of using buttons. Many business owners find that these machines process information faster and work more effectively than the older designs. Just above the screen is a large space where owners can list the types of cards they accept. This stops someone from trying to use a Diner’s Club or Discover card if the company doesn’t accept those cards.

Pin Pad Machines

Pin pad machines are a unique alternative to traditional credit card machines. These machines come with the typical terminal and a separate key pad attached to the machine. The cashier swipes the card and hands the pin pad over to the customer. Customers can enter their pin code or other information without worrying that the cashier can see their information. This is a good option for convenience stores and other shops where there is limited space behind the counter.

Equinox is one of the top manufactures of credit card machines and terminals in the world. These machines range from traditional terminals with or without an attached key pad to the newest touchscreen machines that process credit cards and debit cards quickly and easily.

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