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Making Sure Your SSL Certificate is Configured Correctly

When running an e-commerce company and looking to bring in plenty of cash without a host of issues, one needs to run a safe and secure e-commerce website. Otherwise, customers will grow weary when they land on an unsafe site. While true, it’s not easy to set up a secure site without a little work. With this in mind, one needs to install an SSL certificate and ensure it’s installed correctly. Here are three tips to check out the certificate and verify it’s in order.

Open the site in a browser:

To start, one can open their website in a browser and look for any errors. Often, when the site throws up errors, it’s the result of a mistake or configuration problem. To figure out the cause, a site owner needs to load every page and check out the entire site. In fact, one can add an item to the shopping card and start the credit card processing transaction. Since merchant accounts often throw up errors on sites with SSL certificates, it’s an easy way to learn about the issue and spot any problems.

Use Apache:

Before a site owner installs their SSL certificate and shows it off to live customers, it’s wise to test it from home. With an Apache server, a site owner can watch his or her pages load and ready and errors. Often, when finding the error log and read through it, one can discover the root of the problem. Usually, issues arise when the credit card processing or merchant accounts are not configured properly. Other times, when the programmer writes poor code or commits any serious errors with the site, one can find the issue and fix the security problem.

Start to finish:

As mentioned, one needs to open their browser and browse the site, in detail. To take it further and understand the problem well, one can load the site as an end-user. Then, the person can test the site and try to complete a transaction. By doing this with all the major browsers, smartphones and tablets, one can spot any SSL issues and fix the problem before customers land on the live site.

SSL problems are serious and can cost a business money and clients. To avoid issues, one needs to take a proactive approach and inspect their site thoroughly.


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