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Advanced Integration Method

Advanced Integration Method for Secure Online Payments

Authorize.Net® Advanced Integration Method (AIM)

aim-dollarAuthorize.Net understands that Internet merchants have evolving needs. This solution is designed to help your online business grow.

  • Customized Payments: Each product or item on your website can be assigned a unique product/item ID and description, which can be displayed on your website’s order page, payment form and order confirmation page.
  • Transaction Management: Non-Profit organizations are able to set suggested donation amounts.
  • Fraud Prevention: If you are shipping products, AIM allows you to configure up to 10 different shipping method (e.g. Ground, Standard, Priority Overnight, etc.) with costs and ranges (e.g. 1-5 product = $5.95, 6-10 products = $9.95, etc.) for each shipping method.
  • Minimize Risk: Merchants are able to set a maximum amount for each item, per order, that their customers can purchase through their website.
  • Quick Payments: By displaying the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal, you will increase customer confidence, which in return could increase sales.
  • Free Support: With Authorize.Net, you will receive live technical support and friendly account support, as well as access to user guides and a vast online knowledge base.

aim-globeAuthorize.Net allows merchants of all types to securely and reliably accept credit card and electronic check payments, which makes the process quick and easy. Authorize.Net offers flexible application programming interfaces (APIs) with no developer fees or licensing requirements, while also offering access to numerous, certified third-party vendors that offer quick and secure integration methods. Merchants can choose from the following options:

  • Pre-Integrated: Choosing the pre-integrated solution is most often the easiest and most practical option. Authorize.Net has several solutions as well as hundreds of certified, third-party solutions that enable you to submit transactions right away. Authorize.Net’s Certified Solutions meet the highest security and integration requirements, including Authorize.Net’s preferred Advanced Integration Method (AIM).
  • Server Integration Method (SIM): As a hosted payment processing solution, SIM handles all the steps involved in processing a transaction. SIM gathers your customer’s payment information through a secure form that is hosted on a secure server, generates an email receipt that is sent to your customer, then securely transmits the transaction information for settlement and stores the cardholder data.
  • Advanced Integration Method (AIM): As a customizable payment processing solution, AIM gives you control over all the steps involved in processing a transaction. You are able to collect the customer payment information on an SSL (secure sockets layer) payment form on your web server, generate an email receipt, and securely transmit the transaction data to Authorize.Net’s Payment Gateway for settlement. AIM is an ideal solution as it allows you the highest level of customization and control over your customers’ checkout experience.


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