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National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA): The institution that establishes the rules, standards and procedures used in clearing ACH payments throughout the United States.

Negative File: A negative file refers to a collection of cardholder accounts with revoked charge privileges. These accounts may require a voice authorization to be reinstated.

Net Payment: The total payment to a merchant for all sales drafts reported, with subtractions made for discount fees and credits.

Net Revenue: Interchange expense subtracted from discount income is a merchant’s net revenue.

Net Settlement: A transfer of funds to the net effect of several transactions between different customers results in a net settlement.

Network: Connected computers. Networks can be private or public.

Network Business Day: A processing period defined as the time from one cutover to the next cutover. Network business days vary depending on the exact STAR switch used by a processor or a member.

Network Service Provider: The provider of a terminal-centered system for data processing and authorization services. A network service provider is used by a merchant for credit card processing. Third-party vendors who act as network service providers include VISANet and NDC.

No Convenience Fee Program: A STAR program in which convenience fees are not assessed to STAR cardholders who use other financial institutions which are a part of the STAR network. The no convenience fee program is indicated by a STAR service mark on participating ATMs, but only applies to ATM transactions, not to Internet transactions or any other transactions in which convenience fees might be assessed.

No Show: In the lodging industry, a no-show is a charge processed when a reservation isn’t canceled within a certain time frame or when a cardholder does not arrive at the hotel per his or her agreement with the hotel. The hotel or motel’s staff must write “no show” on the signature of the sales draft to declare a no show.

Node: An access point for a network telecommunication system, accessed by a terminal. The terminal dials a toll-free or local number to obtain authorization and to connect to the node.

Non Delivery Risk (NDX): A transaction that is charged to a cardholder’s account for payment for a service or a product before the delivery of a product or receipt of a service.

Non Face-to-Face Transaction: Transactions in which the cardholder is not present and his or her card’s information is submitted to the merchant by other means, including mail order purchases.

Non-Bank: A financial institution which may be a STAR member but which does not offer retail banking services such as checking accounts or other common banking services and products.


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