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Pirq gives you an edge with Pirq, a 100% paperless loyalty program, that enables you to offer customized rewards to your clients. This easy-to-use, effective program will keep your existing patrons and new customers walking through your doors. With the digital punch card, you can track your customers more easily which enables you to drive an increase in business. Pirq does not require additional hardware, and integrates effortlessly into your payment system. While other loyalty programs require an up-front investment for cards and hardware, Pirq gives you the same benefits with no up-front costs! Pirq is simple, affordable and it is absolutely amazing.

The #1 digital loyalty program in the United States.

With Pirq, you can easily create a custom loyalty program that engages your customers right on their phone. We also make it easy to access critical demographic information about your customer base. In today’s digital world, Pirq is a win-win for your business and your patrons.

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  • Signage inside plastic pop-up stand.
  • Lanyard with Tag for customers to scan.
  • Cards with easy download instructions.

What makes Pirq different from other loyalty programs?



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